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The Storytime Sourcebook Ii

RRP $284.99

From new action rhymes and fingerplay ideas to creative crafts and songs that teach, this new resource belongs in every library that serves young children. Designed to work in tandem with Carolyn Cullum's popular "The Storytime Sourcebook", this new resource keeps the same thematic collection of programs but provides new books, songs, videos, activities, and more - virtually doubling your programming possibilities when you use both books together! You'll discover new ideas for programs related to children's physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Cullum focuses on the diverse themes that intrigue children and prepare them for their upcoming school experiences, such as the alphabet, body parts, animals, babysitters, bedtime, birthdays, boats, manners, the circus, clocks, clothing, nature, fairy tales, food, friendship, kites, insects, safety, oceans, grandparents, glasses, and more. "Storytime Sourcebook II" includes: 145+ thematic ideas for storytimes; 2,222 recommendations for books to use in storytimes; 685 video suggestions; 296 crafts; 292 activities; 149 songs; and, 146 musical movement ideas. A total of 3,790 possible programs make this a must-have resource. With both "The Storytime Sourcebook" and "The Storytime Sourcebook II", you can have infinite possibilities for making the most of your children's collection.

A Sentimental Traitor

RRP $23.99

A missile tears a passenger plane from the skies over London. Everyone on board is killed, including thirty-seven children. As terror turns to international chaos, can the government survive . . . ?

Who would have killed them? And why? When Harry Jones starts searching for answers, he stumbles into the middle of a plot that stretches from Russia to the Islamic revolution in Egypt, from the shores of the Caspian Sea to an ancient church in rural Wiltshire. Yet every lead he pursues finds its way back to the secret corners of Brussels and a British woman named Patricia Vaine.

She and Harry are doomed to fight their battle to the death. Their own lives, and the future of an entire continent, are at stake in what develops into the greatest political power game since the end of the Second World War. For this is a plot not just to take over one country but the whole of Europe. And in this deadly game, the victors will claim total victory - unless Harry Jones can stop them . . .

About the Author

Michael Dobbs - Baron Dobbs of Wylye - is an active member of the House of Lords and an internationally bestselling author who has never been far from controversy. He has worked at the centre of British politics for Margaret Thatcher, John Major and now David Cameron, and was once described as 'Westminster's baby-faced hit man'.

He is the author of 17 thrillers, including House of Cards which became a hugely successful television drama, and three previous Harry Jones thrillers, The Lords' Day, The Edge of Madness and The Reluctant Hero. He tries to live quietly near a pub and a church in Wiltshire.

My Best Bedtime Bible

RRP $9.99

This heartwarming collection of ten Bible stories is ideal for reassuring and comforting toddlers at the end of the day. Each story is retold across 2 double pages, leaving room for Claudine Gevry's colourful pictures and a bedtime prayer to share. Stories include: Who Made the World?; The First Rainbow; Abraham and the Night Sky; The Baby in the Basket; Jonah and the Great Big Fish; Daniel and the Lions; Baby Jesus; The Boy Jesus; The Scary Storm; and The Lost Sheep.

Dolphin Readers Starter Level A Day With Baby

RRP $16.99

This interactive series makes developing language skills exciting for primary.
Stories and cross-curricular texts with full-color illustrations stimulate students' interest, while carefully graded English introduces them to new language.

ú Pictures support the story clearly

ú Text in different colors makes it easier to follow the dialogue

ú "Read and do": integrated activities for every page of reading

ú Picture Dictionary in each book

ú Notes for teachers and parents in each book

Gems Of A Lifetime

RRP $17.55

In Gems of a Lifetime, Barbara Patton Unger shares 'gems' of light that she has mined in her life. Her metaphor of Gemstones for these illuminations points to a glorious and loving God.She focuses on the precious jewels of light discovered from growing up in her hometown of Joplin, Missouri and gives voice to Oracles of Wisdom gained through, and sometimes in spite of, religious affiliation. She then honors the greatest light of all - the essence of the divine within us. She shows God's goodness IS 'OUR' glory; and these "gemstones" point us to our own days of Heaven on Earth. Awakened to the truth of our "spiritual DNA," she presents her treasures to help others recognize how, even in the midst of sorrows, God can enrich their lives if they look for, value and mine their own sparkling gems.


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