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The Sleeping-car

RRP $16.99

SCENE: One side of a sleeping-car on the Boston and Albany Road. The curtains are drawn before most of the berths; from the hooks and rods hang hats, bonnets, bags, bandboxes, umbrellas, and other travelling gear; on the floor are boots of both sexes, set out for THE PORTER to black. THE PORTER is making up the beds in the upper and lower berths adjoining the seats on which a young mother, slender and pretty, with a baby asleep on the seat beside her, and a stout old lady, sit confronting each other-MRS. AGNES ROBERTS and her aunt MARY.

Healthy Sleep Habits For Children

RRP $17.99

Is your child feeling restless and tired? Do you think they are experiencing sleep issues? Let them sleep like a baby with a few tips and tricks packed in one book! Sleep is a natural human state that is characterized by a modified recognition and sensibility. During the state of rest, the eyes are closed and we appear to be unconscious. Children who don't have enough sleep can suffer or experience sleepiness during the daytime, which can affect their school performance and deprive them of full physical activities. They may even suffer severe effects overtime, like psychological issues. This book can help you get their sleep back to normal and develop healthier sleep habits. What else can you get from this book? o How much sleep do children need? o Importance of afternoon naps for your child o Healthy sleeping strategies for your children o Factors that affect healthy sleep Help your child develop a good and healthy sleep habit. Help them get back on track and perform at their best

Why Won't You Sleep, Baby!

RRP $18.99

Do you have a baby that won't go to sleep? Are you up for hours in the night trying to settle them? Have you tried method after method but got nowhere? This book is a light-hearted look at both the sensible and crazy things we do to get our babies to sleep. It contains more ideas for settling your child than you'd ever imagined possible. And ... one of the ideas might actually work for you!! (But then, again, they might not either...)

Splish Splash, Baby Bundt Board Book

RRP $11.99

Need instructions for a fun-filled bath? An adorable baby and a creative big sister are happy to show you the steps.
Combine one messy baby with rubber ducks, soap, and a bath mitt, then pour in plenty more toys. With the help of big sister, stir bubbles until super-sudsy and coat baby well. Remove when wrinkly, pat dry, add a pinch of powder, and watch baby sparkle

Wake And Sleep

RRP $13.99

Interactive fun is at its highest with this lift-the-flap book featuring everyone s favorite Sago Mini characters! Jinja is hard to wake up. She needs a lot of head pats. Can you try to wake her? (text under flap) Good morning, Jinja! Time to brush your whiskers! Jack is easy to wake up. All you have to say is hop up! Try it! (text under flap) Morning! Time to get busy, Jack! The Sago Mini characters are super-sleepy in this fun lift-the-flap book.Readers are asked to interact and wake up the characters in inventive ways. When they lift the flaps, they'll see that their efforts are rewarded with characters that are awake and ready to play!"


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Baby Cot Baby Sleep Baby Routine Baby Time
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