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Where Do I Sleep?

RRP $19.99

This beautifully illustrated lullaby book features shimmering salmon fry, a long-legged baby moose, feathery eaglets, and fifteen other Northwest animals bedding down for the night (or day!). Rhythmic and soothing four-line stanzas describe the animals' habitatas and sleeping patterns. Children will love learning about the familiar creatures in this special book.

Sleeping Beauty

RRP $15.99

Behind a hedge of tangled thorns, a palace sleeps, under the powerful spell of a wicked fairy - inside is Sleeping Beauty, waiting for the kiss of a handsome prince to awaken her from her long enchantment...This is a delightful new version of a traditional fairy tale, specially adapted by Lesley Young and carefully worded with lively text to appeal to all young readers. Every magical moment of this classic story is captured in bright, charming pictures by illustrator Jenny Press. It is perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. When a king and queen have a beautiful baby girl, they host a huge feast to celebrate. They invite all the magical fairies, so that they may bless the newborn princess with luck and happiness. However, they neglect to invite one old fairy, who curses the child to die when she reaches sixteen years of age. This spell cannot be completely undone, but another fairy helps as much as she can - the princess will instead fall into a deep sleep that will last for a hundred years. How can the girl be freed from this fate? Read this timeless tale to find out...

A Quick Guide To Safely Sleeping With Your Baby

RRP $11.95

In this abridged version of our award-winning book, "Sleeping with Your Baby," a world-wide recognized infant sleep authority provides the latest information on potential scientific benefits of co-sleeping. The booklet instructs parents on how to create safe sleep environments. Complete with sections on minimizing hazards and risks, this booklet explains why and how to sleep with your baby. It contains all the key facts from "Sleeping with Your Baby" in an attractive format.

Curious Baby Awake/asleep Cloth Book (curious George)

RRP $12.99

This rhyming cloth book chronicles George's day as he wakes up, plays with toys and makes music, has fun outside, reads a book, and then has a quick game of peek-a-boo before snuggling down for bedtime. The pillowy soft book also doubles as a decorative door hanger. "Awake" and "asleep" are embroidered on opposite sides and the book includes a fleece loop that fits any doorknob or handle. Included are ideas for starting your own bedtime rituals. The perfect gift for new and expectant parents!

Riley And The Sleeping Dragon

RRP $14.99

Join Riley on this magical adventure as he searches Beijing for the elusive sleeping dragon of China. His discovery will entrance readers of all ages.

Featuring stunning black and white photos of Beijing and gorgeous illustrations by Mo Qovaizi, the book is the first in a travelogue series for 0-8 year olds.


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