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Baby Animals Take A Nap

RRP $12.99

"Some baby animals get rest standing up, and others get sleepy while swimming. Sleepy little humans will be lulled by animal friends getting cozy."

There's No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop

RRP $20.99

Little Brother wants to join in the fun with his sibling, but Big Brother won't let him play. "Fetch me a Snappenpoop!" says Big Brother. "Then you can play ..." But everybody knows there's no such thing as a Snappenpoop ...or IS there? A wonderfully unique story from award-winning author Jeanne Willis (The Bog Baby, The First Slodge). Packed with magical creatures and bossy siblings, this delightfully wicked cautionary tale is set to become a children's favourite. With stunning artwork from debut picture book illustrator Matt Saunders.

The Royal Nappy

RRP $17.99

From the author of The Queen's Knickers comes a warm witty look at the world of the Royal Baby and the Royal Nappy!

Meet the Royal Baby and of course, Nanny, who looks after the Royal Baby and the all-important Royal Nappy Cabinet!

A funny, warm look at the royal nappy through history - from Henry VIII to the present day and a very special new arrival...

Find out where the royal nappies are made, the different kinds for every occasion (parachuting nappies say, or shiny nappies for palace floors - whee!), and what happens when the royal nappies... run out!

About the Author

Nicholas Allan studied Fine Art at the Slade and has completed an MA in creative writing at the University of East Anglia. His highly original picture books have won him several awards including the Sheffield Children's Book Award for The Queen's Knickers and the Federation of Children's Books Best Picture Book Award for Demon Teddy. Nicholas Allan is the author/illustrator of over thirty children's books.

Memoirs Of A Babyboomer

RRP $27.50


RRP $34.99

In Snapshot : A Portrait of Success the aspirations, goals and dreams of a generation of Australians are captured in candid and heart-waring detail.

Accompanied by stunning photographs shot by Alex Fevola, remarkable Australians relay their extraordinary stories and provide a slice of Australia's history, a history that is still being created.

Featured within the book are : Shane Warne; Walter Mikac; Julia Gillard; Joe Hachem; Chris Judd; Professor Ian Frazer; Jacqui Alexander; Eddie McGuire; Mark Pennell; Jeanne Pratt; Sam Newman; Anthony Mundine; Andrew McManus; Jemma Gawned; Damien Oliver; Jason Bright; Chantel Mary Thornton; Loudy Wiggins.

With a percentage of sales being donated to the Shane Warne Foundation, Snapshot : A Portrait of Success is an ideal gift which by capturing the hopes and dreams of a nation will inspire ordinary Australians to pursue extraordinary lives.


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