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The Ghost Crib

RRP $17.99

The Ghost Crib is a one-act drama with some super-natural twists and turns requiring some deft and creative input from the technical departments, making this a visually electrifying production.
Set in the 1800s in Yorkshire, a farmer and his wife have kept a secret for eighteen years. Their fifteen year old daughter is haunted by nightmares and they fear she is possessed. Only the girl can hear the plaintive cry of a baby. Old Martha Hopkins, the wise woman of the village believes something is about to happen of great importance.
In to this comes a young man bearing his own scars - both physical and emotional. Is he whom he claims to be or is he a ghost from the past? A further twist reveals a highwayman knows something of this dark secret and means to turn it to his advantage but in the end a greater power wins.
This chilling, haunting, powerful drama for a cast of six ( 3 male and 3 female) will captivate an audience and hold them in its spell.
Playwright Bev Clark works in many genres but the dark-side is possibly her favourite. Her play The Black Eyes - a spooky teen horror won the roister doister play for young people 2015 and is available on Amazon as well. Other titles are also available on Amazon or at Follow on twitter@scripts4stage or for more information email

If You Can Birth A Baby, You Can Birth Your Dreams

RRP $16.95

If You Can Birth a Baby, You Can Birth Your Dreams... This book is dedicated to every young lady who made the decision to engage in early intimacy with a guy to demonstrate proven love but was left with test results that read "you're pregnant" this message is for you! To every single mom who has discovered the early challenges of parenting while young. This book will spark a new outlook on dreams fulfilled after the push!

The Biochemic Prescriber

RRP $12.99

Biochemic medicine was discovered over a hundred years ago by a German physician, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. He identified twelve inorganic tissue-salts that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. He showed that when there is a deficiency of any of these salts in the body tissues, certain typical symptoms arise. You can use these symptoms to identify the specific deficiency. Then all you have to do is supplement the deficient tissue-salt in a dynamic (potency 6X) form; and the body will, of its own, overcome the deficiency and return to natural health. Here is an up-to-date, clear, and concise book that you can use to heal yourself, your family and friends. It tells you how you can treat the common ailments that arise. It is simple to understand and easy to use; and the results are simply amazing.


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