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Why Won't You Sleep, Baby!

RRP $18.99

Do you have a baby that won't go to sleep? Are you up for hours in the night trying to settle them? Have you tried method after method but got nowhere? This book is a light-hearted look at both the sensible and crazy things we do to get our babies to sleep. It contains more ideas for settling your child than you'd ever imagined possible. And ... one of the ideas might actually work for you!! (But then, again, they might not either...)

Sleep Right Sleep Tight (revised And Updated)

RRP $19.99

"Fully revised and updated, this classic bestseller holds the key to happiness for sleep-deprived parents. SLEEP RIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT is a hands-on, tried-and-tested guide to solving sleep problems in infants and young children. With all-new chapters in this edition include on parenting and you, the unique needs of very young babies, and dealing with twins, it also covers- * Sleep solutions for your child from birth to three years * How to establish a pattern to suit your child's particular needs * Techniques for soothing and relaxing * Controlled comforting methods for older babies and toddlers * Advice on trouble-shooting sleep disruption * Self-help strategies for tired parents * Progress charts to track sleeping and feeding patterns * Step-by-step advice to guide you through sleeping problems Packed with authoritative information, interactive methods and reassuring advice from health care professionals who help hundreds of families every year, SLEEP RIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT is a must-have for every parent."

Cuddly Cloth Puppets : Sleepy Sheep!

RRP $12.99

A soft and cuddly cloth puppet!

Cuddle up at bedtime with Sleepy Sheep! It's getting late on the farm and it's time Sheep was asleep – help him snuggle down, close his eyes and say goodnight to all his friends.

Babies and toddlers will love this beautifully soft, shaped cloth book with strokable felt ears. Read the story, then use the book as a puppet to bring the farmyard to life. Comes packaged in a high quality bag – an ideal gift!

About the Author

Zoe Bennett was born in London and studied Graphic Design at Norwich University College of Arts. When she's not illustrating, Zoe designs fun pre-school books and loves to bake, knit and snowboard! She lives in London.

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors

RRP $225.00

This book is designed to illuminate the problems facing doctors today and suggest changes that need to be made in order to make the right decision for our country's healthcare future.

"Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors" focuses on what Dr. Manes calls the "three deadly diseases killing the Amercian healthcare system" today; 1) government interference 2) the HMOs beaurocracy and overstepping powers 3) skyrocketing medical malpractice costs

Detailing the "symptoms" of each in their own section, Dr. Manes next expresses a "diagnosis" of what is ailing the medical community-and patients- as a result of these problems and finally, a "prescription" for how to solve them.
ForeWord Clarion Book Review

A must read expose for anyone who is considering or presently involved in the health care profession.
M. Collett-Ombudsman

Great book and very timely. The only book that describes the rise to prominence and then the tarnishing of the medical profession.
N. Wolfson, M.D.

A frank and thoughtful insiders look at what ails the medical profession.
B. Backer, Esq.

The Sleeping-car

RRP $16.99

The Sleeping-Car: A Farce by William Dean Howells


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